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There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to hold onto the warm Australian sunshine even as the summer passes and the frisky winter months settle in. With the extensive range of indoor gas heaters available, you can enjoy that comforting warmth as provided by the most reliable and high-quality sellers in Australia.

Designed to fit your home

Indoor gas heaters burn natural gas to warm up a particular room in your home. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to merge into the organic design of your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Whether you chose to go with a more rustic design or are hoping to try out a more contemporary look, your indoor gas heater will be just as efficient in keeping the temperatures up and costs down for many winters to come.

The indoor gas heater to suit your needs

The design is not the only thing that can be matched to taste, your needs are equally catered for by a range of different indoor gas heater options. Most Australian homeowners rely on these three types of gas heaters to keep them shielded from the breeze: Portable, flued and unflued gas heaters. 

  • Portable Gas Heaters

If you live in the sunshine for most of the year and just need a heater to help you through some of the rougher winter days, portable heaters are designed to be moved around with ease so that you can bring it anywhere along with you.

Conversely, if your neighbourhood tends to get its fair share of blizzards, portable gas heaters can provide an additional boost to your central heating system so that you can finally warm up that isolated corner of your house.

Not only are they economical to run, they can also help you save on installation costs since you can simply take them out of storage when the cold sets in and stow them away when those first rays of sunshine reappear.

  • Flued Gas Heaters

Flued gas heaters are built into the house and are equipped with a flue pipe to remove gas by-products. These require an installation but are usually designed to seamlessly fit into pre-existing nooks and blend in with your interior. 

  • Unflued Gas Heaters

Acting as a middle ground between portable and flued gas heaters, unflued heaters don’t require an installation and may be moved around if necessary. These have just one requirement: a good room ventilation to keep their usage safe.

Finding the best indoor gas heater

High star ratings can help you find a gas heater that maintains a high-energy efficiency whilst still being fitted to both your needs and preferences. Companies like Rinnai are well aware that every Australian experiences their winter differently, and are here to provide you with the flexible heating solutions you require.

Rinnai offers you a range of indoor gas heating choices without ever asking you to sacrifice the aesthetic of your home. Heating up even your largest room with little delay and CO2 emissions, Rinnai’s durable technology is the only prime piece of engineering that you’ll need to brave your next winter. Combine your Rinnai gas heater with a programmable timer to keep financial worries and cold out of your house for good.

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Indoor Gas Heater
Rinnai Titan 151 Radiant Convector Small Gas Heater
Rinnai hero avenger 25 plus Small Gas Heater
Rinnai Capella 18 Plus Convector Small Gas Heater. Suitable for small rooms.
Rinnai Avenger 25 Convector Small Gas Heater. 5.8 stars energy efficient. Great portable space heater.

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