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Square, round or rectangular, ducted heating vents come in all shapes and sizes to seamlessly blend into the style of your home. You can pick between a range of coloured metal or plastic to be installed in your ceiling or floor. As the face of your heating system, carefully chosen vents provide the final touch to your energy efficient gas ducted heating.

Installing the right ducted heating vents

Vents play a central part in determining the efficiency of your central heating system. Installing them correctly and in the right place is therefore crucial.

Vents can be installed in the ceiling, floor or walls depending on the architecture of your home and the conditions set by the climate in your region. If the temperatures tend to drop quite significantly where you live, you might wish to consider installing rectangular metal vents in your floor since these propagate heat more quickly and discreetly.

On the other hand, if you tend to redecorate on a regular basis, round or square ceiling vents made might give you more freedom in terms of furniture placements. You can choose between plastic or metal depending on your budget and style. Either way, you should always try to get in touch with a professional to help you assess the best location for your vents to run at maximum efficiency and not be wasting energy under some thick carpet.

What if your ducted heating vents need to be adjusted?

Your aesthetic delight might be a heating system’s worst nightmare when it comes to getting an even flow of air throughout your home. Unless you are living in a perfectly cubical house, chances are that there will always be a small nook that gets colder than other parts. Luckily, no corner is doomed since there is a relatively straightforward way to adjust your ducted heating vents.

Most vents have an adjusting level on the side of their register. These can be moved up or down to control the air flow to a particular region without changing the temperature on the thermostat. Similarly, the furnaces themselves are equipped with dampeners controlling the shields behind vents and to help balance the amount of air passing through them.

All you then need to do is identify any irregular airflow in your home and adjust the appropriate vents individually. Although this may seem somewhat tedious, you should aim to wait a few hours in between each adjustment to give it time to change and settle to its new temperature.

Keeping your ducted heating vents clean

If you have managed to install and adjust your vents perfectly, they will seamlessly keep you home warm for years, so much so that you might even forget about them. However, you should aim to clean them on a yearly basis to keep the dust and avoid clogging them up.

To clean them, you should first remove the grates in front of the vent and wash them under water before using a vacuum cleaner to sweep all the dust away. If you are using an air filter, remember to keep them clean by washing them as instructed. 

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